ABBA + Claude Monet’s art


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Who's your favourite ABBA member and why?
— Anonymous


My favorite member has always been Björn.


I think he’s very talented (and all of the members of ABBA), but I think he has interesting opinions in politics, he and Benny made very interesting projects and have amazing ideas. (they’re an amazing duo!) Also I like his music he made before ABBA as well. ( … and he was pretty handsome.)

Thank you for asking!

Agnetha and Björn in July, 1969.

Hey there. I love your fab blog! I was wondering if you've seen Chess and if you liked it? I found out that Benny and Bjorn wrote the songs so I want to see it so badly.
— Anonymous

Sadly no I haven’t! (I feel a bit embarrassed over this to be honest…) I’d love to see it aswell, I’ve heard from many people that it should be really good!

If I had to do the same again.
I would, my friend, Fernando.

young Benny Andersson

— Anonymous

Thank you soooooo much!!!!! <333333